STB Chain - Software to BlockChain -

A New Ecosystem of Software Services driven by Blockchain

A Software Copyright Protection and Trading Platform Based on Blockchain Technology


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STB Chain (STB) is currently the world’s leading application of Blockchain technology in software, and is a decentralised, tamper-proof and completely traceable rights verification trading system. STB covers multi-field technology applications, a few examples being Cloud Computing, Big Data, AI and SaaS cloud services. Scientific and technological achievement-based. Our goal is to establish a new ecosystem of distributed application software services with no borders. With the combination of Blockchain technology and the software industry, an effective copyright protection and trading platform will be established.


DAG Technology to Achieve High Concurrency Transactions

Unlike the chained structure of Bitcoin and Ethereum, the new Direct Acyclic Graph (DAG) unit validates the parent until a hash of the parent is created and contained. The data for each cell changes, requiring all its children to change exponentially.

Witness Mechanism to Prevent Data Tampering

Inspired by the DPOS consensus mechanism, the witness mechanism allows users to participate in an election. After the payment of a deposit, users can become a candidate witness. Witnesses are randomly assigned and announced in advance by the system.

Application of Cloud Computing

Business computing and data storage will be carried out via Microsoft Azure, making STB run more intelligently and efficiently under the premise of guaranteed data safety and reliability. Microsoft Azure’s global data nodes, alongside Blockchain technology, will enable STB Chain to serve a wider range of enterprises.




  • A wide range of software assets can be traded through STB’s Trading Center.
  • STB supports both crypto-currency and “mainstream” currency transactions.
  • Transparency and integrity of the data in circulation is ensured.
  • STB facilitates intelligent contract transactions, efficiently and impartially.


STB Chain

We are an experienced team.

Our team comprises of managers and consultants who are all industry experts in their fields, some of which include enterprise software services, the Mobile Internet, financial technology, and Blockchain technology.

STB Chain

We make effective use of existing resources.

Our business model integrates existing resource platforms such as 51Aspx to validate and promote our data flow , ultimately achieving rapid platformization and follow-up promotion.

STB Chain

We promote software capitalized circulation.

We seek to elevate the social value of software, science and technology purchased by enterprises by repeatedly circulating them for trading as physical assets, through STB Chain.

STB Chain

We aim to solve piracy problems.

Software developers can use STB Blockchain technology to monitor their software transfer or technology circulation, so that their intellectual property is less vulnerable to piracy, and users are safer from viruses and other dangers associated with illegal, pirated software.


  • Hank Liu


    Senior Microsoft MVP, founder of 51Aspx, an expert in cloud computing and business services, Hank Liu graduated as a software engineering major from the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Mr. Liu is also an early fanatic investor of bitcoin, and a serial entrepreneur. He has participated in the consultation and management of the banking system, supply chain finance and other Blockchain-based products, with more than ten years of experience in the management of the internet market and technical teams.
  • Roy Zhang


    Former chief Engineer of Singapore Top 3 mechanical Supplier,Apple South Asia App Store senior advisory and fraud team senior advisory. customer service and account fraud expert. As a southeast Asia earlier Blockchain observer and investor. With insightful understanding of Decentralized exchange Bitshares
  • Jian Zou


    Former senior architect of ganji, a senior Microsoft MVP, Mr. Zou has holds in-depth knowledge of Microsoft’s Coco Framework BlockChain, having had years of experience in the management of Blockchain projects. He is keen on researching more deeply on open source software, with already an insightful view on Blockchain based technologies such as Ethereum.
  • Lei Xu

    Block Chain Architect

    A Microsoft MVP RD, a graduate from the University of New South Wales, and a senior expert in block chain technology, Mr. Xu has a far-reaching understanding on the IBM Hyper ledger and Ethereum. He has founded his own businesses several times, having rich experience in ALM management, and is also a well-known Scrum senior coach in the world.
  • Tim Li


    Expert in brand overseas marketing and founder of Beito's Cross-border E-commerce incubation platform, Li is a well-known overseas service platform partner. Mr. Li has served many domestic enterprises in the pharmaceutical, oil and software industries – amongst others – that have gone abroad and become successfully listed. As an early investor of bitcoin, he has been focusing on the development and application of Blockchain technology for a long time, recently concentrating on the development and exchange of domestic Blockchain technology talents after joining up with the technical communities of Dream Works.
  • Tom Lou


    After graduating from the Renmin University of China, becoming a first-term cadet of and Silicon Valley Entrepreneurship College taking up advanced studies in Tsinghua University where he was an Xcute, Mr. Lou has extensive knowledge of Blockchain financial services. Having worked at the Hongkong Financier Club and a famous investment company in Beijing, he later moved on to set up his own business, and subsequently received millions of investments. He now serves a number of well-known domestic companies of Blockchain industry.
  • Fusion Zhang


    Having graduated from Tsinghua University, a former Baidu Product Manager, Mr. Zhang has worked as a researcher in Lenovo Corporate Research & Development, leading the POCKET HOSPITAL project and collecting three-dimensional data and solutions centered on patients, doctors and hospitals. He once worked in Baidu as an interactive designer and product manager, responsible for Baidu Wallet, Yidian baidu, Baidu Small Vault and other Baidu Financial Internal Incubation projects. Mr. Zhang is also a member on the Expert Committee of the second Chinese "Internet plus" College Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.
  • Junjiang Xian

    Senior Business Manager

    An MBA student with a major in Economics from Chinese Marine University and a serial entrepreneur, Mr. Xian has rich business experience under his belt, having established in his early years a postgraduate entrance examination website, Chuier website, Touduoduo, Anxin Financial Service, amongst others. Mr. Xian served as the funder of the above mentioned companies, and worked in various positions in Qingdao bank and Yixin Company later. He was also the founder of the top ten online loan project “Loan in Seconds” in 2015 in China, and is currently serving as the founder of the first online loan supermarket “Home of Quick Loan” in China, with the number of registered users breaking 10 million in 2017. In 2017, Mr. Xian also founded "Imagination Capital".


  • John deVadoss

    A former senior digital manager and strategic expert in Microsoft,Digital Transformation General Manager

  • Junao Xue Ph.D.

    Mr. Xue is an ITNN Thinker, ISO SC40 Working Group Expert, AMT R&C NAP, and holds a Ph.D in Physics in Columbia University, Masters in computer science, and now a senior research fellow in Bell Labs.

  • Jun Zou, Ph.D.

    Mr. Zou is an expert in the Blockchain industry alliance in Beijing’s Zhongguancun.


    Senior engineer in Google (USA).

  • Adam Cogan

    Chief Architect at SSW, Microsoft Certified Gold Partner

  • Jiang Liu

    Mr. Liu is the founder of Everstar Education, co-founder of, and a proud member of tagcash Foundation.

  • Caigen Chen

    A founding partner of Weiyou Capital and a well-known self-media persona, Caigen Chen is a Blockchain economy researcher and a community economy expert.

  • Xiang Zhang

    Mr. Zhang graduated from the University of Nottingham in the UK with a Masters in Finance.

  • Baoxi Huang

    An MVP of Microsoft, Mr Huang is also Technical Director of Taiwan Miniasp.

  • Shijie Yin

    Yin is the co-founder of Sanhai Education and a General Manager of Hongji Datong Investment Company

  • Shuo Yang

    Shuo Yang is a Blockchain industry investment partner of Sanhexi Capital.


In order to promote STB and generate widespread excitement, our team will hold offline roadshows in relevant countries around the world, starting from the following:

Silicon Valley·U.S.A
1st station

2nd station

3rd station

4th station

5th station


June 2016

The STB Chain project is set up and the relevant research and analysis conducted.

September 2016

The core team of STB Chain is established.

December 2016

STB reaches a cooperation intention with 51Aspx of mainland China.

April 2017

Bottom (backdoor?) technical feasibility analysis is completed.

November 2017

Project White Paper is completed.

March 2018

STB wallet development officially begins.

December 2018

STB Chain development completed and Beta closed

March 2019

Open source code is published on Github.



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